Concrete Sidewalk Problems and Solutions

Cracked Concrete Sidewalk Problems and Solutions

Sidewalk Repair NYC is the most trusted brand in New York city which has expertise in fixing all kinds of issues related to sidewalks. Are you worried about the cracks that appear constantly on the sidewalks of your house? Cracked sidewalks are a common issue and they may lead to problems for you and others too. If you want to get rid of this problem, it is important to learn the reasons for it and the appropriate solutions for concrete sidewalk repair. You must also learn what problems can arise from cracked sidewalks. So let’s get started. 

Reasons for Concrete Sidewalk Cracks

The following are the major reasons that cause the concrete on your sidewalks to crack:

  • Poor Quality Concrete: If poor quality concrete is used, it will not provide the required strength to the sidewalks. It is more liable to breakage and cracks off easily. 
  • Excess water in the mixture: The concrete mixture must be prepared with the exact proportion of water. If too much water is added to the mixture, it will reduce the strength of the mixture. 
  • Short Dry Time: For proper conversion of liquid concrete into plastic (solid) concrete, the concrete mixture requires days or weeks. If less time is given to dry the mixture, it will solidify properly. 
  • Improper Control Joints: Control joints help to prevent cracks due to concrete expansion at high temperatures. If the control joints are missing or their thickness is not proper (¼ of the slab thickness), the concrete on the sidewalks will crack. 
  • Poor Soil Compaction: The soil must be compacted properly before pouring the concrete mixture. Poor soil compaction leads to loose and sinking soil. 
  • Missing Root Barriers: If there are any tree roots, root barriers must be installed before constructing the sidewalks. Otherwise, the overgrown roots will crack the sidewalk cement. 

Problems With Sidewalk Concrete Cracks 

The cracks in the sidewalks can lead to many problems, as discussed below:

  • Trips and Falls: The cracked sidewalks will cause walking problems for pedestrians. They may trip and fall, which may cause them injuries. 
  • DOT Violation: The DOT states that the homeowners are responsible for the construction and maintenance of sidewalks. If they don’t do so, they may be charged with fines.
  • Unpleasant Vision: Cracked concrete on sidewalks is never a pleasant sight. Thereby, it reduces the value of your property too. 
  • Sidewalk Replacement: The cracks in the sidewalks, if not treated, turn into deeper cracks. This ultimately leads to the replacement of sidewalks. 

Solutions to Repair Cracked Concrete Sidewalks 

It is necessary to learn the proper solutions for the cracked concrete sidewalks to make sure that you stay safe from any problems. The following are the solutions to this problem:

  1. Use Appropriate Methods

  • Crack Filling: Use the cement to fill the cracks and holes in the sidewalk.
  • Slabjacking/Mudjacking: This method involved injecting the grout mixture made from cement and sand to lift the concrete slabs. 
  • Polyurethane Injections: You can use the polyurethane foam to lift the slabs. This is a much quicker method for slab lifting.
  1. Hire Expert Contractors

Expert contractors will understand the root cause of the cracks in your concrete sidewalks. Then, they will fix the cracks using the appropriate methods. They are highly equipped with the required tools and equipment, which helps them work efficiently. Sidewalk Repair Contractor is the most reliable choice, as we have well-trained staff, quality materials and modern tools.

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