Preventing Sidewalk Cracks

Preventing Sidewalk Cracks & fixing them by sidewalk contractor

Sidewalks are important for our community as  they give pedestrians safe paths and improve the general aesthetics of your property. Sidewalks may develop cracks over time which will reduce its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In this article, let us discuss why it is important to stop your sidewalks from getting cracks and how sidewalk experts in NYC can help you fix them.

Why Do Sidewalk Cracks?

There are common reasons why cracks form in sidewalks, as given below

Roots of Trees

The beautiful trees that line our sidewalks could be the cause of cracks by accident. Through the growth of their roots, trees that are getting bigger look for water sources, like the water that is hidden under sidewalks. Over time, the roots may put a lot of pressure on the concrete, which could lead to cracks and movement.

Harsh Weather Conditions

Sidewalks can get really damaged by bad weather. There is water seeping into the concrete in places where the temperature goes up and down between freezing and above freezing.    When water freezes, it grows, putting pressure on the concrete and making cracks. For the same reason, hot and dry weather can make concrete shrink and crack.

Poor Installation

Cracks can form because of bad building techniques or mistakes in the design. Cracks are more likely to happen in sidewalks that do not have enough reinforcement, joints that are in the wrong place, or concrete that is not deep enough.

Use of Harsh Chemicals

When chemicals like fertilizers, oil spills, and de-icing products come into contact with sidewalks, they can damage them. These chemicals can seep into concrete and make it weaker and less durable. Chemical contact can lead to surface wear and cracks over time.

Types Of Cracks In Sidewalks

Sidewalks are an important part of our neighborhoods because they keep people safe. Unfortunately, cracks may appear over time, which will make it look bad and stop working properly. Knowing the different types of sidewalk cracks can help you figure out what caused them and how to fix them effectively. 

Hairline Cracks

Hairline cracks are very thin and small, usually less than 1/8 of an inch wide. The majority of the time, they are a result of slight temperature changes or the concrete's natural shrinking as it cures. Small cracks in the concrete may not put people in danger right away, but they can let water and other things seep into the concrete, which can make it worse if you do not fix them.

Transverse Cracks

Transverse cracks are horizontal lines that run across the length of the ground. A lot of the time, these cracks happen because the concrete expands and contracts due to the ground below settling or the temperature changing. Transverse fractures can be dangerous because they can make the ground uneven, which can make it hard for people to walk properly.

Longitudinal Cracks

Linear cracks in the ground that go up and down and along its length are called longitudinal cracks. These cracks happen because of things like heavy loads, changes in temperature, and the concrete shrinking.Like transverse cracks, longitudinal cracks can make surfaces uneven, which can make them unsafe for people to walk on.

Cracks In The Joint

You can see joint cracks where two slabs of concrete meet. These places are also known as seams or joints. These cracks can show up for a number of reasons, including not enough joint space, poor design, or too much stress on the joints. Joint cracks can make the sidewalk's overall state worse and cause it to break down faster if they are not fixed.

Why Is It Important To Hire A Professional To Fix Cracks In A Walkway?

A lot of people try to fix cracks in their concrete sidewalks by themselves. But the truth is that hiring an expert sidewalk repair company in NYC is a better choice for many homeowners and has many benefits.

A licensed contractor who has extensive knowledge about sidewalk cracks and other issues knows how to do the repair efficiently. Hiring an experienced contractor will make the process much easier and faster because they have quality materials and special tools.


Understanding the processes that cause sidewalk cracks is important for keeping our neighborhoods safe and looking good. Weather, tree roots, poor installation, and chemical exposure are just some of the things that can cause cracks. Our sidewalks can last a long time and work well if they are inspected regularly, fixed when they break, and built using the right materials and methods.

You can make walking areas safer and more attractive for people by fixing sidewalk cracks before they get worse. Remember that keeping our sidewalks in good shape is a job that helps everyone.

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