Sidewalk Services in Bronx

Sidewalk Services in Bronx

Enhance Pedestrian Safety on Sidewalk with Bronx Local Experts

Are your Bronx sidewalks damaged, cracked, uneven, and an eyesore? Have you been looking for services for concrete repair near me? Well, you are at the right place, as we are here to cater to your sidewalk issues. Don’t let your damaged sidewalks become a reason for people’s injuries; get them fixed today with Bronx’s best sidewalk experts.
We have been your leading experts in providing sidewalk services in the Bronx for over two decades. Our comprehensive sidewalk services cater to your needs and comply with the Bronx's regulations.

You can now hire our expertise in NYC, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

Services We Provide in Bronx

We are offering a wide range of sidewalk services in the Bronx, including:

Sidewalk Repair

You can get our repair services when your sidewalks are experiencing:

  • Hairline cracks with a width ranging between 0.003 and 0.008
  • Small holes and chipping concrete due to extreme weather conditions
  • Minor differences of 1/4 inches between the concrete slabs
How Do We Repair Your Sidewalks?
  • To fill hairline cracks, we use grout made from cement.
  • For holes and chipped concrete, we resurface and provide concrete sealing services.
  • Our concrete grinding service fixes the minor difference between the concrete slabs.

Sidewalk Replacement

Avail our complete sidewalk replacement services if you are experiencing the following issues:

  • Big potholes that are wider than 0.25 mm
  • Deep cracks with width greater than 0.5mm
  • Tree root growth damages that has cracked the surface or lifted the concrete slab
  • Soil erosion due to freeze-thaw cycle
  • Water Pooling due to poor drainage, cracks and potholes
  • Uneven slabs with a difference of more than 1/4 inches
How do we replace your sidewalks?
  • To fix major damages, we remove the damaged concrete, fix the soil, and install new sidewalks.
  • For uneven slabs, on the demand of our clients, we also provide mudjacking and slab jacking services to raise the sunken slab.

DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

If you have received a DOT violation notice, give our contractors a call, and we will remove all types of DOT violations, including:

Structural Damages: Sidewalks that are not maintained to the regulations of DOT might get damaged and require our DOT violation removal services.

Tree Root Growth: Tree root damages and hindrances due to shrubs and other vegetation can violate DOT regulations. You can trust us for premium tree root growth services.

ADA-Compliant Sidewalks

For your commercial properties, make your sidewalks accessible to pedestrians with different mobilitys with our ADA sidewalk services.

We follow all ADA-sidewalk requirements, including:

Sidewalk Curb Repair

Get your sidewalk curbs fixed if you are experiencing:

Our Service to Fix Your Sidewalk Curbs

For minor damages, we repair the curbs using gap filling, resurfacing, and resealing methods.

For major damages, we completely replace the damaged sidewalk curbs so that they can stay in the same condition for a long time.

Materials we Use for Curb Repairs

We use multiple types of materials for sidewalk repairs, including:

Why Trust Our Experts?

We are providing affordable and reliable services in these areas as well.

Call Us for Sidewalk Services

Reach out to us today and get a FREE consultation from our experts related to your sidewalk needs.

We are only one call away.

Typically, the sidewalks might cost between $6 and $18 but the price can vary depending on the extent of damage and the type of service required.
Yes, we offer a warranty on all of our sidewalk work, which shows our commitment to providing high-quality services using high-grid material.
Cracks wider than 0.5mm are considered big and repairing such cracks might not be an efficient choice. You must get the cracked slabs replaced by professional experts.
Sidewalks with tree root damages require special care for which professional experts contact NYC Parks and get the damaged area fixed without damaging the trees.
While providing sidewalk services, we ensure to guard the area and install warning signs to ensure pedestrian safety.
We remove all types of DOT violations, including missing slabs, tree root damages, cracks, potholes, uneven surfaces, etc.
If you avoid a DOT violation notice and don’t fix the damages within 75 days, the department of transportation will fix the damages for you and send you the bill.
Yes, in some cases, if the damages are not extensive, repairing crumbling edges is an efficient choice, while for extensive damages, replacing the sidewalks is essential.

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