Sidewalk Services in Brooklyn

Sidewalk Services in Brooklyn

Get Premium Sidewalk Services with Brooklyn’s Licensed Contractors

Worried about the extremely damaged concrete pathways outside your property? Get them fixed today with our reliable sidewalk experts in Brooklyn. You can trust us with all of your sidewalk problems as we fix them all. With our licensing as professional sidewalk contractors in NYC and 15 years of experience, we provide services that are second to none.

Reach out to us today to avail our services now NYC, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx.

Services We are Offering

We are offering a wide range of sidewalk services to our Brooklyn residents so that you can revamp your concrete pathways and make them safe, smooth, and accessible.

Sidewalk Repair

Inspected your sidewalks and noticed hairline cracks, chipping off concrete, small holes, or minor raises in the slabs? Avail our sidewalk repair services.

Want to know how we fix the minor damages?

  • For hairline cracks with width less than 0.008, we fill the gaps with cement grout and reseal the surface
  • For chipping off concrete or crumbling edges, resurfacing and resealing the concrete is a good option.
  • For minor differences between the slabs (less than 1.4 inches), we grind the concrete surface.

Sidewalk Replacement

Severely damaged sidewalks need our complete sidewalk replacement. These damages include:

Drainage Issues

Looking for concrete leveling near me? Who can be the better choice than the experts? Drainage issues are the main reason for uneven sidewalks. Poor installation of drainage systems or faulty sidewalk sloping can cause water to accumulate beneath the concrete surface and lead to freeze-thaw cycles. This continued process can damage the soil, compromising the integrity of the concrete slab. We remove these slabs and fix the soil beneath them to ensure sturdy sidewalk structures. Moreover, we also provide slabjacking services to raise the sinking slabs.


Potholes and Deep Cracks

When you ignore sidewalk repairs for a long time, minor cracks might become big and lead to the formation of potholes. These potholes are the major reason why your sidewalks are experiencing water pooling issues. Patching these cracks and potholes using concrete material is never a long-term solution; for long-term repairs, you must replace the complete sidewalks.

Tree-Root Damages

Trees alongside your sidewalk can become a reason why the concrete experiences damage. When the roots need oxygen and nutrients, they might grow in an upward direction. Upward growth from beneath the surface can raise the surface and cause cracks in the concrete. To fix the damages caused by tree roots, we contact NYC parks and once they handle the root growth problem, we replace the sidewalks completely.

DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

IIf you have received a violation notice because of the damaged sidewalks from the Department of Transportation, this is the time for you to hire our sidewalk violation removal services. We are your professional experts who understand the sidewalks damages and fix them as per the regulations of DOT.

Our aim is to:

ADA-Compliant Sidewalks

As per NYC regulations, you must make your sidewalks ADA compliant so they are accessible for everyone to use. We make your sidewalks accessible while following all ADA complaint requirements, including:

Why Hire Our Expertise in Brooklyn?

We are providing affordable and reliable services in these areas as well.

Call Us for Expert Services

Looking for reliable services for concrete repair near me? Get yourself our amazing sidewalk services in Brooklyn and make your sidewalks safe, accessible, and functional for everyone to use. Give us a call and get a free estimate from our experts.

We are only one call away.

Yes, we are insured to provide sidewalk repair and replacement services and if something during the project goes wrong, we fix it.
We handle all types of DOT violations, from fixing uneven slabs and removing cracks to installing missing slabs.
If you don’t address sidewalk violations within the required time, the department of transportation will fix the damages for you and send you the bill.
Yes, after assessing the condition of your sidewalk, we identify the issue and apply for the essential permit required to repair or replace your sidewalks.
No, there are no restrictions on when you can get your sidewalks repaired in Brooklyn. As soon as you observe the damages, contact us to schedule the repairs.
The width of ADA sidewalks must be 36 inches, or 3 feet and for sidewalks less than 5 feet, the passing must be 200 feet.
To fix the drainage issue, get our complete sidewalk replacement service so that we can fix the drainage issue and make your sidewalks even and safe for everyone to use.
Yes, we offer a variety of decorative options for sidewalk repairs and replacement services so that you can customize your sidewalks according to your requirements.

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