Sidewalk Services in Manhattan

Sidewalk Services in Manhattan

Keep Manhattan’s Sidewalk Safe and City Code-Compliant

For more than 15 years, we, your local Manhattan contractors, have been repairing broken concrete sidewalks. Our construction license and insurance guarantee that our services are in compliance with city codes. We have first-hand knowledge of the specific problems and repair methods in Manhattan. You can trust us for our durable sidewalk repair services, as we only invest in high-grid, 4500 PSI ready-mix concrete for all sidewalk services.

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Services We Provide in Manhattan

We are offering a wide range of sidewalk services in Manhattan, including:

Sidewalk Repairs

For minor damages, including hairline cracks, chipping concrete, a slight raise in the slabs, and small holes, get our concrete grinding, crack filling, and concrete leveling services.

Sidewalk Replacement

Major damages, including deep cracks, potholes, tree root damages, uneven slabs, soil erosion, water pooling, missing slabs, and curbs, require our slab jacking and complete sidewalk replacement services.

Sidewalk Maintenance

UWe provide timely maintenance services for your sidewalks, like resurfacing and concrete sealing so that the concrete structures can stay in good condition for a long time.

Sidewalk Curb Repairs

Deterioration at the edges, missing or sinking curbs, or water damage can all pose an immense threat to pedestrians. To keep the curbs in good condition and separate them from the street, we ensure that we provide curb repair and replacement services.

DOT Sidewalk Violations

We remove DOT sidewalk violations so that you don’t get penalized for the injuries people sustain. Our permit acquisition and compliance with DOT rules make us your reliable choice in NYC.

ADA-Compliant Sidewalks

For your commercial sidewalks, we make pathways according to ADA sidewalk requirements so that they are safe and accessible for everyone to use.


Why Should You Choose Us for Your Manhattan Sidewalks?

We are your reliable sidewalk experts in Manhattan, just as we are your:

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Looking for concrete repair near me? Your search ends here. Make your sidewalks safe, accessible, and ADA-compliant with Sidewalk Repair NYC. We are providing affordable and reliable services in these areas as well.

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Small cracks and mild differences between slabs will be fixed with our sidewalk repair services, while for massive damages, you will need our complete sidewalk replacement services.
These issues indicate major damages to your sidewalks that require complete sidewalk replacement services to remove the issues from the root
To prevent future sidewalk problems, you can simply get your sidewalks sealed every two to three years. Moreover, regular maintenance and inspection can also save your sidewalks from future damage.
Yes, we are your licensed experts and pros at removing DOT violations. We use our knowledge about city codes and comply with DOT regulations.
Yes, as per the laws of NYC, as a commercial property owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your sidewalks meet ADA standards.
Yes, we are providing our sidewalk repair, replacement, and maintenance services all over NYC, including the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan.
We only invest in high-quality, 4500 PSI ready-mix concrete to repair and replace your sidewalks. Our investment in good-quality material allows us to provide services that survive the test of time.
Yes, you can choose any type of customized concrete sidewalk based on your requirements.

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