Sidewalk Services in Queens

Sidewalk Services in Queens

Your Queen’s Sidewalk Experts are At Your Service

Have you received a violation notice from the Department of Transportation? Want to remove the violations before it is too late? Let your local sidewalk experts in Queens help you out. We are your reliable experts dealing with all types of sidewalk services, from fixing minor cracks and removing DOT violations to completely replacing your sidewalks and making them ADA compliant.

You can now avail of our remarkable services not only in Queens but all over NYC, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

Our Wide Range of Services in Queens

We are offering a wide range of services in Queens, including:

Sidewalk Repairs and Replacement

For your damaged sidewalks, we offer two types of services. Either you can get repairs for minor damages or you can get your sidewalks completely replaced if you are experiencing extensive damages.

Repair Service

We offer sidewalk repair services for minor damages like hairline cracks, small holes, chipping concrete, and minor level differences in concrete slabs. You can get your sidewalks repaired through the following methods:

  • Crack filling through cement grout
  • Resurfacing for small holes and chipping concrete
  • Concrete sealing to make the concrete surface appear more vibrant
  • Concrete grinding to remove minor difference between concrete slabs

After providing repair services, we ensure to seal your concrete to increase its longevity.

Replacement Service

If sidewalks are extensively damaged and have big potholes, deep cracks, missing slabs, uneven surfaces, water damage, soil erosion, or tree root damage, we completely replace the sidewalks.

We consider some essential factors while providing sidewalk replacement services:

  • Use high-grid, 4500 PSI ready-mix concrete
  • Apply latest installation techniques to achieve maximum results
  • Use slabjacking technique to lift the sunken slab

DOT Sidewalk Violation Removal

Have you received a DOT violation notice because of the tripping hazards on your damaged sidewalks? Well, you are in the right place. We are your licensed experts in fixing your sidewalk violations while abiding by DOT rules and regulations.

Our DOT Violation Removal Process consists of a step-by-step process, including:

ADA-Compliant Sidewalk Installation

We understand that making sidewalks ADA-compliant is essential and a requirement by law. Our experts are well-versed in the Americans with Disabilities Act and will make your sidewalks safe and accessible for everyone to use.

While providing sidewalk services, we ensure to follow all ADA-sidewalk requirements, including:

Tree Root Damage Removal

Tree root damage can be extensive and make your sidewalks not only a tripping hazard but an eyesore. To fix tree root damages, after carefully removing the damaged concrete, we contact NYC parks to make the root growth in a downward direction.

Sidewalk Curb Repair

Damaged sidewalks can be an extreme tripping hazard and can lead to extensive injuries. Your curbs might be experiencing damage, including:

For minor damages, we provide curb repair services, while for major damages, we completely replace the curbs.

Materials We Use for Sidewalk Curb Installation

What Makes Us Best in Queens?

Want to know what makes us your best choice in Queens? Let us tell you why.

We are providing affordable and reliable services in these areas as well.

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The typical cost of sidewalk repair ranges between $6 and $18 but the price can vary depending on the extent of damage and the area of repair.
Sidewalk repair services are required to fix the minor damages, while sidewalk replacement services fix the major damages to your sidewalks.
If sidewalks have minor damages like hairline cracks, chipping, or small holes, repair services are required, while for deep cracks, big potholes, and uneven surfaces, sidewalk replacement services are required.
To repair small cracks, small holes, and uneven surfaces, we use polyurethane or epoxy filling to patch up the surface and then seal it to enhance its longevity.
For sidewalk replacement, we use 4500 PSI ready-mix concrete that is strong and sturdy and survives the test of time.
Yes, we do offer colored and decorative options for sidewalk replacement services so that you can revamp your sidewalks according to your home aesthetics.
We fix all types of sidewalk violations, from filling the cracks and repairing the uneven slabs to fixing tree root damages and drainage issues.
If you don’t address the sidewalk violations on time, the Department of Transportation will fix the issues themselves and send you a bill for the repairs done.

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