Term of Use

Our term of use agreement is for the better understanding of our clients on how they can access our website and the types of actions that are prohibited by us. Whether you are using our website or acquiring our services, you must agree to these terms and conditions.

Use of Our Site

  • You can only access our website for your personal and non-commercial purposes
  • It is prohibited to use Sidewalk Repair NYC for any unauthorized or illegal purpose
  • You can only hire our services if you agree to and comply to city rules and regulations
  • In case of any illegal activity from your side, we might suspend your access to our website with or without any notice.

Content of Our Website

  • Any text, logo, graphics, images, or software on our site is subject to copyright and intellectual property law at Sidewalk Repair NYC.
  • Stealing, copying, modifying, displaying, or publishing any content from our site without our consent will lead to legal suits and hefty fines.

Quote Request

  • The right to request a quote through our website is reserved.
  • While requesting a quote, you are giving a warranty of providing only accurate information.
  • After receiving a quote, it depends upon you to either accept or reject the quote

Termination of Agreement

  • Either party can terminate the agreement before the start of the project for any reason.


  • Content available on our site is for informational purposes only
  • There is no warranty on the information presented on our website
  • We are not responsible for any issue arising by the use of our information

Changes in the Policy

We modify the terms of use policy as per the laws and regulations of NYC. To keep yourself well-updated on our policy, you can visit our website periodically.

Contact Us

If anything about our policy seems vague or if you want us to address your concerns, you can simply give us a call at (646) 777-2424 or email us at info@sidewalkrepair.nyc.

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