ADA Compliance NYC

ADA Compliance NYC

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Want to make your sidewalks accessible to people with different mobility levels? Looking for licensed experts to install ADA-compliant sidewalks in NYC for your commercial property? Well, don’t look any further, as we are here to provide replacement,installation and sidewalk repair nyc service while ensuring your sidewalks are ADA-compliant. ADA sidewalks are essential in NYC to provide disabled people with equal and easy access to public properties. Just imagine how overwhelming it can be for a person to use a wheelchair on a crowded sidewalk or for a visually impaired person to get to the sidewalks. With the availability of sidewalk ramps, disabled people can drive themselves on the sidewalks without anyone's assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Make your sidewalks accessible to everyone with our ADA-compliant sidewalk services in NYC.

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ADA Sidewalk Requirements that We Fulfill

There are multiple factors that make the sidewalks ADA-compliant. While providing our sidewalk repair, replacement, and sidewalk repair nyc installation services , we ensure that the sidewalks have the following features.

Sidewalk Width

For ADA-compliant sidewalks in NYC, we ensure that the sidewalks are a minimum of 32 inches in width and 24 inches in length. If the sidewalks make a turn, they must be 42 inches wide.

Passing Space

For 5 feet wide sidewalks, we ensure that the passing space is 200 feet. The space can be 60 by 60 inches so that people can easily use their wheelchairs on sidewalks.

Sidewalk Surface Texture

The material used for the construction of ADA-compliant sidewalks in NYC must be hard, like asphalt or concrete. Therefore, we do not use loose gravel for the repair or replacement of sidewalks.

Slip Resistance

Sidewalks must not be smooth or polished, as they can become a slip hazard for people using canes, crutches, or other walking aids. It is why we ensure the use of slip-resistant material or sidewalk installation.

Trip Hazards

The uneven sidewalks are a trip hazard and do not meet ADA requirements. For raised or sinking sidewalks with a difference of ¼ inch, we replace the sidewalk.

Sidewalk Slope

As the sidewalks cannot have slopes steeper than 5%, we install sidewalks that are safe and easy to use for everyone.

Curb Ramps

ADA sidewalks must have curb ramps so that people can easily use the sidewalks. We provide ADA-compliant sidewalk services in NYC by ensuring the ramps have a 1:12 slope.

ADA Compliance nyc

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Frequently Asked Questions
ADA-compliant sidewalks in NYC must be 3 feet in width and their surface structure should be solid. They must be non-slippery and the ramp should be made at an elevated height.
Checking whether sidewalks are ADA-compliant or not is easy. You can hire our exceptional services and get your sidewalks inspected.
Non-ADA sidewalks do not allow disabled people to access your business with ease. If you want to make everyone feel welcome, you must install ADA-compliant sidewalks.
The DSF of a city agency is designated to deal with disability specific issues. They ensure that the sidewalks are in compliance with the ADA.
Disabled people in wheelchairs might be unable to use the sidewalks and get access to any businesses. Moreover, impaired people might not easily locate their path on sidewalks.

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