New Sidewalk Installation NYC

New Sidewalk Installation NYC

Install ADA-Compliant Sidewalks on Your Property with Your Local Experts

Looking for new sidewalk repair service NYC? Want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property with unique materials and modern designs? Trust no one but your premium local experts for concrete sidewalk installation in NYC. Our unique techniques, use of premium-quality material, and years of expertise allow us to provide durable and top-notch services in NYC. During our process of sidewalk installation in NYC, we ensure that we provide services that abide by city codes and are compliant with the ADA. We value our clients, citizens of NYC, and visitors. Therefore, sidewalks installed by us not only enhance the overall structure of the city but also increase the functionality and safety of everyone.

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New Sidewalk Installation nyc

Our Sidewalk Construction Techniques

While installing sidewalks, we use unique construction techniques to ensure the durability of the sidewalks. Let us tell you what makes us distinguished from others.

Premium Subgrade Design

The type of soil beneath the sidewalk slabs determines its durability. Therefore, during our sidewalk installation in NYC, we compress the subgrade to a 98% standard Proctor density.

Appropriate Pavement Thickness

We consider the expected load, soil condition, and city regulations when determining sidewalk thickness. Our standard concrete slab thickness is 4 inches.

Proper Drainage

Drainage is important for the durability of compacted soil and concrete slabs. For proper drainage, we provide a slight cross-slope on sidewalks.

Expansion Joints

We provide expansion joints during concrete sidewalk installation in NYC to minimize the cracks in the concrete during expansion.

Curb Ramps

To make the sidewalks ADA-compliant and accessible to people with disabilities, we installed curb ramps. During installation, we install a gutter slope to allow efficient drainage.

Limb Up Street Trees

Trees between the areas of sidewalk construction must be handled carefully. During our new sidewalk installation services in NYC, we limb up the branches to prevent any damage from tree root growth.

Types of Material We Use

There are different types of materials that we use to install new sidewalks in NYC.

Customized Designs for Sidewalk Installation

We are your premium sidewalk installation experts in NYC. Our aim is to make our customers satisfied, which is why we ask about your preferences during the construction process and ensure that you get what you want.

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Installing sidewalks on your own without any prior experience or relevant tools can be a daunting task. Trust the expertise of professional contractors for sidewalk installation.
Yes, for the installation of sidewalks in NYC, our experts get a sidewalk opening permit from the NYC DOT on your behalf.
You can select from numerous materials based on their durability and aesthetic appeal. Common sidewalk materials include concrete, bluestone, and granite.
We are your local sidewalk installation experts, providing our services in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.
The timeline can vary depending on the sidewalks and the area of construction. Get a FREE time and cost estimation from our experts today.
Use of low quality material, poor compaction of soil, inappropriate drainage, etc. can affect the durability of the sidewalks.
Depending on the type of violation and the extent of damage, you can get our professional services for sidewalk repair or replacement.

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